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Industry: Manufacturing - Servicing - Material Handling - Warehousing

Hydraulic equipment operates endlessly throughout the industrial field, producing, lifting, moving and generally eliminating the impossible labors of man. One hydraulic breakdown could slow production to a standstill.

Municipal Operations: Highway and Public Works Maintenance
Neither time nor weather hampers public servants. Every job is an emergency. The equipment must operate every time, for chancing even a minor breakdown of a hydraulic piece may put lives at stake.

Construction: Contractors - Riggers - Road, Asphalt, and Concrete Construction
Contracts are more than paper in this business. Failure of any mobile work horse or power tool will harass the deadline completion of the project. Meanwhile, high-priced work gangs idly await the repair or replacement of the unit so vital to getting their jobs done.

We Keep You "Under Pressure"

If you fit in one of these categories, remember we are a complete hydraulic service that will prove essential to your firm by saving precious job time loss and expensive shipping costs. Industrial Hydraulic Service Inc has its own fleet of trucks at your command to pick up and deliver.

Our normal repair service is 6-days a week, but we offer an emergency service of 24 hours for customers who are forced to shut down operations due to hydraulic breakdown. Upon request, repair estimates can be given free of charge

Our workmanship keeps with factory standards and all repairs and reconditioning is guaranteed.

Remember, we want you to relax while we keep you "under pressure."

Our specialty is in providing complete design and installation of hydraulic and pneumatic systems including maintenance, repair and overhaul.

Our services are provided on-site or in-house based upon our client's needs.

We provide a complete line of equipment and parts including:
Filters Pumps
Regulators Hoses
Lubricators Fittings
Valves Adapters
Cylinders Power Units
Motors Quick Connects

At INDUSTRIAL, we work with your team to engineer the most appropriate systems and to provide efficient installation & service to ensure your company's top performance and efficiency.

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